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Crescimento das vendas de livros na Europa

Números recentes indicam que as notícias da morte do livro (mesmo em tempos de crise) são manifestamente exageradas. O parágrafo abaixo ajuda a explicar o fenómeno:
«Publishers and analysts offer a variety of reasons for the relative strength of the book market. Compared with a new television or video game console, books are inexpensive. With unemployment on the rise and working hours in decline, people may simply have more time on their hands. After the excesses of recent years, reading is an activity well suited to a more contemplative era.
"Books are a very cheap treat,” said Helen Fraser, managing director of Penguin Books in London. “When you are reading all this dreadful news in the paper, a lovely 500-page novel by Marian Keyes or a classic by Charles Dickens takes you right away from all that»

Ler na íntegra no NY Times.