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Book Trailer (outra vez)

O fenómeno e a discussão não são só por cá.

Nos Estados Unidos o referencial The Wall Street Journal abordou o assunto.

In a book industry flooded with titles and facing sluggish sales, a growing number of authors are going to dramatic lengths to attract attention. The latest tactic: producing and starring in zany videos aimed at the YouTube audience.
Some authors and publishers have even recruited star power for the videos. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón ("Children of Men") agreed to direct the trailer for his friend Naomi Klein's latest book, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," for a few thousand dollars, part of the promotion budget that her publisher, Penguin UK,
Mike Vogel, a star of the horror movie "Cloverfield," appeared in one of four trailers made for the chick-lit title "Celebutantes" by Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper.
"In some cases, we don't even expect it to increase sales at all," says Carolyn K. Reidy, president and CEO of Simon & Schuster, which has doubled its investment in video content since it started making trailers last year. "It's almost a gift to the audience, and hopefully it makes them buy the next book."
In March, the Barnes & Noble Web site launched "B and N Studio," a channel devoted to book trailers and original book-related content[...]»

Mas o melhor é lerem vocês mesmo o artigo.