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Jeff Bezos


Entrevista da Wired ao fundador da Amazon, onde poderão saber tudo aquilo que queriam e não queriam saber.
Do Kindle à Amazon, da mulher ao negócio da música, de contas mal sabidas ao que fará com a sua fortuna.

Alguns excertos:
Portfolio: Every effort at e-books has failed. Why should this one work?

Bezos: We decided we were going to improve upon the book. And the first thing we did was try to determine the essential features of a physical book that we needed to replicate. The No. 1 feature is that it disappears. When you're in the middle of reading, you don’t notice the ink or the glue or the stitching or the paper — all of that disappears, and you're in the author's world. Most electronic devices today do not disappear. Some of them are extraordinarily rude. Books get out of the way, and they leave you in that state of mental flow.

Portfolio: You had a list for a spouse?

Bezos: I kind of did. It was a short list. I wanted a woman who could get me out of a third-world prison. It was really just a visualization for resourcefulness, because people who are not resourceful drive me bananas.

Portfolio: In 2007, Amazon had a phenomenal year. Revenue grew 38 percent—is that the right number?

Bezos: Yeah, something like that.

Portfolio: Was Amazon late to the game in online music sales?

Bezos: Well, certainly, you know, there's a very big player in that space, and they’re doing very well.

Portfolio: And who would that be?

Bezos: I’m not sure. I forget. [Laughter]
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