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O Manifesto dos Editores do Séc. XXI

Sara Lloyd, da Macmillan, redigiu um manifesto onde todos os principais problemas pelos quais a indústria da edição passa e passará (no caso português alguns dos temas ainda não são relevantes) são abordados.

Um documento interessante e importante, um ponto de partida para uma discussão que é necessário ter em todo o mundo.

«We will need to think much less about products and much more about content;
we will need to think of ‘the book’ as a core or base structure but perhaps one with more
porous edges than it has had before. We will need to work out how to position the book at the
centre of a network rather than how to distribute it to the end of a chain. We will need to
recognise that readers are also writers and opinion formers and that those operate online
within and across networks.
Perhaps most
radically, we will have to consider whether a primary focus on text is enough in a world of multimedia mash-ups. In other words, publishers will need to think entirely differently about
the very nature of the book and, in parallel, about how to market and sell those ‘books’ in the
context of a wired world. Crucially, we will need to work out how we can add value as
publishers within a circular, networked environment.»

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