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Livros - Instalação de Mike Stilkey


A instalação, intitulada "When The Animals Rebel", mede cerca de 4,85x13,40 metros. É toda ela feita por livros e é da autoria de Mike Stilkey:« "Using pen and ink and acrylics, Stilkey has painted the books’ spines to depict a scene where wild and domestic animals are, as he puts it, “taking back their land,” while humans with detached expressions continue their daily routines, seemingly oblivious to the animals’ presence." The books became his paper.He is attracted to them “ sometimes by the title, or more the look of it, the antiqueness of it, or the wear and tear of it. Sometimes there’s a weird illustration. I’ve got these books and I’ll never read them, but I want them for some reason and I’ve never known why. And then I started drawing on them."»

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