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Relação dos jovens estudantes com suportes de leitura digital


Acaba de sair um estudo que analisa a relação dos estudantes com os vários suportes de leitura digital. O público-alvo foram estudantes do Queens College (EUA): «To learn whether e-book readers have become widely popular among college students, this study surveys students at one large, urban, four-year public college. The survey asked whether the students owned e-book readers and if so, how often they used them and for what purposes. Thus far, uptake is slow; a very small proportion of students use e-readers. These students use them primarily for leisure reading and continue to rely on print for much of their reading. Students reported that price is the greatest barrier to e-reader adoption and had little interest in borrowing e-reader compatible e-books from the library». Ver estudo aqui.


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